Episode 21: A Deep Dive Into Beginning Band with the Quarter Note Companion


We’re all looking for ways to make teaching beginning band easier and more effective. Having a solid beginning band curriculum that takes research, student interest, and real life classroom experiences into account can be a game-changer. After trying several different method books with our beginning bands, we realized that in order to best serve our students, we needed to create something that had better pacing and reduced the overwhelm students can feel with traditional method books.

We knew we wanted to create a method book and curriculum that was paced to fit into the limited meeting times that pull-out band classes have. We created the Quarter Note Companion to help us make better use of our class time and better support our beginning band students and are so glad to be able to help other programs through this beginning band curriculum! Plus, you don’t need to require your students to buy individual copies of a method book or other materials! This beginning band curriculum can be purchased once and printed off as many times as you need, saving tons of money!

If you’re looking for your all-in-one beginning band curriculum, check out the The Quarter Note Companion Level One Big Bundle.  In this bundle, you’ll get Level 1 of our customizable band method series, the instrument specific theory book, our simple rhythm drills, our sight-reading drills, and our chorale book for 17 instruments. Let us help you teach notes and rhythms with ease! Our simple and logical approach focuses on teaching rhythm effectively by focusing on ensemble pulse and unison rhythmic playing. We can’t wait to hear how implementing this curriculum is impacting your beginning bands! 

In this episode we cover:

  • Why we created the Quarter Note Companion
  • How Bloom’s Taxonomy guided how we developed the curriculum 
  • What the 6 levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy would look like in a band classroom
  • A look inside the Quarter Note Companion Bundle including the method book, rhythm book, theory book, sight reading drills, and the chorale book
  • How you would use The Quarter Note Companion Level One with beginning bands and middle school bands
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