Episode 8: Playing the Oboe with Brenda Bressler


Are you an oboe expert or could you use a little support when it comes to helping your oboe players? If you’re wanting to better support your oboists, this episode is for you! Today, we are talking all about oboes  and playing the oboe with professional oboe player and Band director, Brenda Bressler.

Teaching and supporting our oboe players can be a bit more challenging than supporting students who play other instruments. Brenda is sharing her expert knowledge on the instrument and on teaching your oboe players. She is talking all about her background with playing the oboe, when you should start students on oboe, what reeds she recommends, why an oboe with a left hand F is best, tips for younger oboe players, and more! Brenda is so knowledgeable when it comes to the oboe and you are sure to walk away from this episode with new ways to help your oboists!  

Mrs. Brenda Bressler has served as the Band and Choral director at Renton Junior High School in New Boston, Michigan since 1998.  During her tenure, the ensembles have regularly received excellent ratings at state sponsored events, participated in hundreds of community events, as well as earning numerous invitations to perform in Lansing as part of the Michigan Legislature Spring Concert series.  

An honors graduate of both Eastern Michigan University and Boston University, Mrs. Bressler has been named the Michigan House of Representatives 23rd District Teacher of the Month, the Detroit Free Press Teacher of the Week, was nominated for the Sally Ride Outstanding Teacher award and was named the Huron School District Secondary Teacher of the Year in 2008.  She regularly serves as a cooperating teacher for those completing collegiate student teaching assignments and is a Downriver Career and Technical Consortium supervising teacher.  

In addition to her work in the classroom, Mrs. Bressler directs the annual Renton Junior High School school musical, works as the Elective Department head, and serves on the Wayne County RESA Visual and Performing Arts Steering Committee.  She resides in Monroe with her husband, Dean, and has two grown daughters, Erin and Erika. 

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In this episode we cover:

  • Brenda’s background as a music educator and oboist
  • When you should start students on oboe and why
  • What brand of reeds Brenda recommends
  • Why an oboe with left hand F is best
  • How to start with beginning oboe players
  • Insight into intonation for oboes
  • Brenda’s tips for younger oboe players
  • Information about making reeds

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