Episode 7: Staying Sane During Concert Season

Winter concert season is upon us and we all know how stressful planning and prepping for a concert is. We often get caught up in wanting to play the hardest and coolest music our students can and we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to have the songs performed perfectly. All of this stress can wear us down very quickly so today, we are sharing tips for staying sane during concert season.

We used to put so much pressure on ourselves when it came to concert time. We would overcommit ourselves and stress about the concert being perfect. We have learned so much since we first started and are excited to pass along how we stay sane during concert season. In this episode we are sharing five things to consider that put things into perspective for concerts, eight sanity-saving tips we implement during concert season, and why we think each of these tips are so important. 

Want to reduce the stress of concert season? Grab the Concert Survival Kit! You’ll no longer need to reinvent the wheel for your school concerts with this student-focused, teacher-friendly, and affordable resource! Inside, you’ll find information letter templates, concert etiquette templates, seating charts, itinerary templates, program templates, and more to save your sanity and your time!

Tell us about your concerts and what tips you are going to implement! Just head to our website and send us a message or connect with us on Instagram. We can’t wait to hear from you!

In this episode we cover:

  • What our first few years of concert prep looked like
  • Five things for you to consider in order to put things into perspective this concert season
  • Eight sanity-saving tips we’ve compiled that will help make this concert season less stressful 
  • Why each of these tips are important and our experiences implementing them
  • Check out the Concert Survival Kit to help save your sanity this concert season!

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